воскресенье, 7 апреля 2013 г.

Late Night Shift and Weirdo Radio

I have been working at my graveyard shift for about a week and a half, and frankly, I seem to be adapting reasonably well to it.  The key to my success so far has been my ability to get home after work and quickly into bed and asleep...for a good, solid block of time.  I have been consistently waking up in mid-afternoon and forcing myself into directed, purposeful activity. The only real problem I have been experiencing so far is that, toward the end of my shift, I can feel a little strung out.  I do tend to take a short catnap, though, during my lunch break around 5 AM.   

With me being awake all night long, I am once again reacquainting myself with a certain peculiar late night talk show: Coast-to-Coast AM, which I call "Weirdo Radio".  I used to listen to it back in the 1990's when Art Bell hosted it.  Now, George Noory interviews the variety of guests and, while not as personable as Bell, still competently pulls it off.  Still, I'm more than a little taken aback at all of the conspiracy crap being pushed on it. I prefer shows on the paranormal, frankly.  I don't necessarily buy what's being said, but I somehow get good vibes listening to it!